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Welcome to Meli Tutoring and Courses: Igniting Education Beyond Boundaries

Revolutionizing education for everyone is Meli's main mission. In addition to breaking down barriers and embracing innovation, we also provide individualized learning experiences and cultivate a lively community of lifelong learners. Enjoy individualized instruction, cutting-edge creativity, and easily accessible greatness by being a part of our encouraging community. There are no boundaries to schooling in Meli.


Acquiring knowledge from the ease of your home or any location that suits your schedule. 


Our Achievements: A Journey of Passion and Purpose

In our pursuit of excellence, Meli has undertaken a transformative journey fueled by a profound mission: to revolutionize education. With a rich background as a retired Teacher III at Santo Tomas National High School, Davao Del Norte, and teaching engagements at prestigious private institutions like The Davao Winchester Colleges, Meli brings a wealth of experience to the forefront of our educational endeavors.

Our excitement for this new chapter is palpable as we continue to break barriers, providing accessible and personalized learning adventures. The commitment to innovation in education is at the heart of our achievements, creating a dynamic space where knowledge knows no bounds.